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From Nokia E90 to Apple iPhone 3G 16 Go

Wednesday 11 November 2009, by Phi, 8076 Views

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I was waiting for the Nokia N900 to replace my Nokia E90 under Symbian, but as it was delayed, and rather costly, I went to the dark side bought a used iPhone 3G 16 Go officially unlocked. How to migrate from Nokia to iPhone and how it compares ?


I have always been with Psion and Nokia for a very long time: Psion Siena, Psion 3mx (I think it was the best), Psion Series 5, Psion Revo, Nokia 9210, Nokia 9300, Nokia E90.

And you can see they have always been clamshell formats with keyboard and screen - somehow my dream is still to have my childhood ZX Spectrum in the palm of my hand.

You can see in my Nokia E90 Review, (never completed), that I was very happy with it compared to 9300.

But in time there were the following drawbacks:
- very bad browser, it has flash and lots of other stuff, but cannot handle simple site like forums, banking, or even connect to Web authentication based Wifi network as Neuf Wifi in France (handled Mac Donalds Wifi OK though). Everything must be loaded before rendering, and even a simple back is a new reload and 30 seconds lost.
- bad video, somehow I couldn’t encode well for the real player which was the best performing one with accelerated mp4, it was a hit or a miss. PC Suite always returned unrecognized video format.
- music part wasn’t great at the start, I always used a Philips MP3 and bluetooth headset (which is great BTW)
- great cameras pictures, but bad camera lag and button which made me miss half of the pictures
- not great gaming, the keyboard should have been a plus, but the little keys and approximate keypad means action games were difficult to control
- with time it did hang and crash sometimes as much as once a day, perhaps because it has fallen numerous times and travelled a lot - I bought one of the first one available in France
- a little bulky (although it was better when I did away with the leather case and used Invisible Shield)

I was set to buy the next Nokia, which is the Nokia N900, almost preordered it at 600 euros on Nokia Store, but I held on for a handful of reasons:
- first its release was postponed, hopefully for a few weeks only
- second it didn’t have my beloved clamshell format, and the sliding french keyboard had only two directional keys out of four. The videos on internet showed its interface was mostly stylus or finger driven. Moreover, videos at Maemo France showed lots of unresponsiveness (since then the video man said it was because the recording camera was between him and the screen, but I didn’t knew it at the time)
- and last I receive and send a fair amount of MMS which is not supported yet by the N900, and I’m not ready to cut communication with the more technically challenged friends and family yet

I have a problem with touch interface, even with Series 5 most often I used keyboard shortcuts and not the stylus. Moreover I tried a Samsung recently and it was a disaster. The only touch interface I could sort of use was the iPhone one of a friend, and even then it wasn’t great but I could do what I wanted to do at least.

Then I had an opportunity to buy a black iPhone 3G with 16 Go (old 3G model not 3GS), with original bill and accessories (not stolen), and officially unlocked by Orange (no way I was going to lose my current phone number or pay monthly double the amount I do now for the same cell phone service), it means it can also work abroad with another SIM card.

The amount paid was 330 euros, the iPhone is in great condition, the owner just wanted to buy the new 3GS 32 Gb, like a lot of others (perhaps the best second hand deals there).

In case you wonder, the iPhone works perfectly without a SIM card

So I jumped the boat, at least it would make a great iPod touch for music and video, internet browsing and perhaps games - which I can’t really do now with my E90 - and if it’s not a great phone or impossible to use with productivity software without a keyboard, I’ll just keep it extra along side the Nokia E90, tethered by Wifi thanks to JoikuSpot on the E90.

Games on iPhone, graphics quality is very high

Before carrying on I want to be very clear on the following: I don’t have any interest in convincing you to go for the iPhone instead of Nokia or whatever. Only you can decide according to your needs and preferences. This is only an account of how to migrate from Nokia to Apple iPhone for someone who has roughly my needs and seek the equivalent Symbian software

The Nokia E90 is a S60 3rd edition device, so migration steps and software should apply for most of other Nokia smartphone devices.

iPhone 3G versus iPhone 3GS

3GS has some important pluses for me:
- 256 megs of ram instead of 128 megs. As most often you only have 60 megs of ram available with firmware 3.1.2 that means you triple your available memory and perhaps reduce crashes due to memory starving programs
- twice as fast with CPU + 3D, not that much a problem except for emulation and perhaps complex PDF rendering where the 3G could really get a boost.
- better battery life, which is very useful on the 3G which is really at the lower limit for a cell phone

I don’ t have an use for other pluses like voice dialling, camera (Cycorder does it), compass or up to 32 Go. Of course in the end a new unlocked iPhone 3GS 32 Go is 779 euros in France, more than twice the amount paid for my 3G, and I’ll really cry if it was stolen 8-).

And the iPhone 3GS made from week 40 year 2009 onwards have a boot rom which causes jailbreak problems.

If no processes are run on my iPhone 3G (except system and phone and some jailbreak services) I have around 59 mb free that means 68 is taken by the OS which is confortable for 3 apps (for example Mail + Safari + game). The 3GS has double the ram which means it would have 180 mb free 3x as much available ram which is more confortable. I think it is the only genuine plus for the 3GS hardware.

Iphone 3G versus Nokia E90: hardware

Form factor

iPhone shorter

iPhone far slimmer

In fact iPhone has the same height and width as the opened Nokia E90, and is about half as large

So what’s the winner ?

No winner here, iPhone is not small, slightly larger, and of course is more elegant being slimmer, but it is also more fragile - for example I cannot sit on my iPhone whereas I do on my Nokia E90 without problems, I have to think where I put it.

And the closed Nokia E90 was thief proof, most of them took pity on you because they thought it was a last century phone due to its bulk whereas the iPhone is a thief magnet. When you open the Nokia E90 however lots of people look at it because they have never seen something like it.

So in everyday life in my case iPhone form factor is different but not that obvious advantage over Nokia E90


Around the same surface but E90 resolution is far higher 800x352 versus 480x320

The E90 screen has the potential to be far more useful for productivity or internet than the iPhone, unfortunately software, although adequate, has not fulfilled all the potential.


The iPhone is an adequate phone but there are several annoying cons:
- the maximum ringtone volume is too low for busy places like streets or tube, you often don’t hear the ringtone - thanks god there is a vibrating alert. In France after 20 seconds, the mobile caller is switched to voice mail which means you can easily miss a call (I really don’t understand how autorities can allow this - obviously the cell phones companies does it on purpose so the caller must pay the call - but that means all people are slaves to their phones, having to answer in the 20 seconds, it’s better than any dictator in history could dream ...)
- there are no profiles or profile management except silent


With jailbroken 5 rows keyboard, it has almost the same height than the Nokia keyboard, although key width is only 75%

In my case, forget about typing with two thumbs in portrait or landscape mode - I know it’s what most videos show but:
- the iPhone is not secure, and the more you push your fingers strongly (if you’re used to mechanical keyboard) the more you risk dropping it
- the virtual keyboard goes up to the edge, so you have the option of surgically shortening your thumbs for iPhone typing (which was an hoax by the way), or loosen more your grip on iPhone and risk dropping it
- the fact that the iPhone is very slim add risk on losing it

In short, I had unacceptable number of typing errors that way, and editing is pretty hard on iPhone to position cursor on the edited item and edit it properly - it is very high on time cost.

I gave up, now I hold securely the iPhone with my left hand in portrait or landscape mode and use only one finger to type (middle finger). As it is far more precise I can afford to have a 5 row keyboard and still have perfect 100% typing.

You see how I hold my precious securely 8-) ?

One tip though, as for all iPhone touch interface you have to touch on the letter (or on the icon). That means the letter or icon must be hidden by your finger if you push it correctly, but which is counter-intuitive (mouse or stylus allows you to see what you are pointing at, not your finger).

With 5rows keyboard and one touch typing I can type 2 to 4 times slower than on my Nokia E90, which is not that bad as you will see later that because of bad Nokia software, the effective difference can be 2 times slower only or even lower on Notes, Word or Database:
- I have an habit of working with very long Notes, Word or Database files. With these, kinetic scrolling of iPhone beats easily pressing 100 times page up or page down
- that damn E90 french keyboard means shift everytime to enter a number, and I couldn’t do specific keyboard on E90 unlike the 9300 with Kylom FCF (literally Damn French Keyboard!). It means faster number entries with my customized iPhone keyboard and faster Excel operation
- Active Notes (notes is better), and Quickword on my E90 has slowing problems when I type. It seems to depend on where I am in the word document, but it can slow to a crawl with missed entries as soon as you enter a foreign char which is not buffered - whereas on iPhone whatever the file there is never any slowdown under Notes, Word or Excel.

So in the end I edit documents at a comparable pace on my iPhone - and it’s more a software problem on my Nokia than hardware problem - that’s a total surprise for me.

Battery Life

To be short:

- for internet under Wifi, Word / Excel, Ipod audio or video, battery life is pretty good, can last a day

- for phone calls, internet under 3G, or gaming, battery life is pretty bad, at 4 hours of combined usage the battery is out, so it last only half a day and power supply is required

Nokia E90 battery is far better, perhaps twice better for phone part for example

The iPhone battery however charges very quickly, something like 1h30 maximum on mains or USB. I guess low capacity means quick charging but even then it’s very quick.

You can change dramatically battery life however by turning off stuff.

Battery Life is definitively bad, the 4 hours usage rule is correct but that means you often have to charge your iPhone twice per day! Or use it on mains when you’re at home and only untethered at work which would be better for battery life (the internal battery is rated to lose 20% after 400 charges ... which is pretty quick with 2 charges a day, half a year and it’s done).

Of course the integrated battery not user replaceable doesn’t help.

MacAlly Powerlink

The first alternative I considered was the MacAlly Powerlink.

It is three in one: USB synchro and charge cable, 270 mAh battery (around 20% of iPhone battery) and 2 Go flash drive !

That seems great even if it is enough only to enable you to make some calls but it’s rather expensive at 49 euros if you don’t need the 3 functions, and more importantly it doesn’t charge the internal battery so you have to leave it tethered!

Sort of stick out

Needless to say, you can’t use it while waiting for a phone call and leave it in your pocket, it’s not useless (you could use it when battery is at 20% so you have extra internal battery), but it requires some planning.

Yes the Morphie Air is there

The next one is the Morphie Juice Pack Air. It’s great design completely integrated to the iPhone but remaining thin enough (68 g) unlike its competitors, you can keep it on the iPhone and at 1200 mAh it doubles the iPhone battery life.

Great integration

Unfortunately 3 drawbacks: high price at 79 euros, proprietary USB cable (couldn’t they at least use a standard connector ?), and seems not to enable synchronisation. And some people report low GSM connection problems too.

However it’s certainly one of the best contenders if you want to leave it on your iPhone.

Cheap eBay battery at around 8 euros

In the end I chose a cheap one on eBay, I’ll tell you how it works when I receive it.


Sample photo from iPhone, unfocused, very average quality, but took it quickly enough to capture the mood and colors

Another sample, same unfocused, but nice

In short: iPhone camera, bad quality, unfocused but quick and operationally fool proof - more importantly good colors, so the mood is right.

Nokia E90 camera, very good quality - as good as some dedicated cameras, even xenon flash, but slow (1-2 seconds delay when you must not move your phone), and with a dedicated key which doesn’t work 2/3 of the time.

In the end, I enjoy taking photos with my iPhone far more - for serious photography I have my Fujifilm F70EXR anyway.

Files access

It can be seen as incredible, but there is no file access on the iPhone unlike the iPod: at most you and the programs have access to the photo library but that’s all.

All programs have only access to their private pocket of files.

The implication are huge, that means you cannot edit attachements you receive by email (fortunately mail allows to preview them), that you cannot download files from the internet, to keep or edit them (only photos), that bluetooth don’t work for file transfer!

And that means a mess because each private program has to have a way of transferring files which means as many ways and private drives as programs (most of them use a Wifi internet type drive). Fortunately the iPhone automatically backup the private drives.

It’s a huge step back from Nokia, even if part of Nokia software was problematic, like the gallery which even displayed the icons and graphics of all the programs and not only the photos.

Jailbreaking and using the iFiles application allow you to bypass all these limitations with some work but it is still a pain though (see below)


Bluetooth on iPhone is brain dead: no support for file or business card transfert - and more importantly no support for HID devices.

That means you cannot use a bluetooth mouse or a bluetooth keyboard (like my great iGo keyboard, or PS3 joypad). This is also unbelievable as HID devices drivers are pretty easy to program.

However, for linking to audio it performs well perhaps even better than the Nokia E90 and the connection is stable. I understand it recognizes external GPS too.

With more usage (basically iPod streaming to my bluetooth car audio), the bluetooth connection is reliable but there are sound drops in the connection, perhaps when the iPhone is working. Not that great but it’s bearable as it inserts silences and not static noise.

Again a huge step back from Nokia - with my iGo keyboard I was able to type 10 times faster than on the Nokia E90 keyboard

With iBluetooth program you can do file transfert or business card transfert but it requires jailbreaking.


Phone Protection

I was very happy with InvisibleShield for my Nokia E90 (although it has never fallen with it on), as it reduces the bulk of Phone + protection - So I wanted the same for my iPhone.

InvisibleShield kit for iPhone - made an error, had to buy front and back separately

Contents with rubber item and sprayer

Front: it adds a pleasant look and feel to the iPhone

Back: it is more sticky too without being unpleasant like silicone so the iPhone is less likely to slide

Back was hell to set up: the back was quick but the corners took 2 hours millimeter by millimeter and even then it’s not 100% perfect

In the end it’s pretty effective, iPhone has already fallen from my desk (damn power cable), not a scratch.

iPhone is solid enough, but I think I can’t put it in my rear jean pocket like the E90, after sitting on it, it would look like this.

I was ripped off by Expansys: 45 euros for the double Invisible Shield kit whereas at Access2B it’s only 14,90 euros !


The power adapter is very small

The USB cable is very short so you have to buy an extender.

a USB cable extender

it’s female and pretty rare, has to buy it on eBay as standard USB cables have another type of plug for printer

The USB / charger connector is very strong on the phone side, that means if you trip on the wire, the iPhone will certainly fall to the floor.

Jailbreak: why it is a must for me ?

In the following tables, you’ll see all the software which needs jailbreaking, but honestly most of them are not essential.

The essential upgrades which are brought by jailbreaking in my case are the following:

Battery Life monitoring

Battery life can runs very quickly with the iPhone (like 1% per minute), of course when you are doing gaming with vibrate and 3D graphics, but also when you turn on all the networking features (bluetooth, 3G, Wifi, SSH).

It’s unlikely it will last long if you are more than 4 hours on Usage

If you turn everything off, instead it can last a very long time (like low % per hour!).

The default battery monitor of the Iphone is not detailed enough, you see battery life with a rounding error of 20%.

Read the % clearly on top left - see the iPhone is officially unlocked, here under SFR instead of Orange

With SBSettings, you can have the % displayed in the menu bar, which helps a lot to manage your work and turn off non-essential stuff before the battery runs out. The official apps in iTunes Stores can display the % too but you have to run them to see the %, not practical enough.

Customized keyboard

Jailbreaking allows you 5 rows customized keyboards, and the keyboard can includes arrows or other keys which are a huge time saver when the application works with it.

Keyboard with additional row with numbers - a must

Moreover that extra row means you can put accented characters (if your home language is not english), numbers, and punctuation characters (like , : ? etc), which means most of the time you won’t have to switch keyboard.

Numpad version - all arithmetics signs are there

In short in my case, I can type easily 3x faster than with the default keyboard.

Multitasking of chosen apps with Backgrounder

It’s hard to believe, but if you receive a phone call or something like that, you lose your current game, or work if you were using Word, Excel or database - unless the application is really well written to shutdown and save very quickly.

If you want to check something (like an email just arrived, a contact number), that’s the same you have to quit and save the current application. It’s really painful when you want to copy paste between applications for example.

Backgrounder is great because it allows you by pressing home key for two seconds to put only the current application as multitasking. This application stays multitasked until you press the home key 2 seconds more. It’s better than a general multitasking iPhone because I think the resource will be drained very quickly if that was the case - most often you need only ONE application, your current one to multitask and not crash in case you have a phone call or need to check quickly an email.

Most of the iPhone apps have a clean save state so you won’t lose your game / work if you have a phone call or have to check something - but it depends on how well the app was programmed (I understand that for complex games - not having a save state means your application is rejected from Apple store, but in practice save states don’t always work: depend from the programmer and how well he programs as CPU / time for saving state is limited obviously).

That means having multitasking is not as important as I thought on the iPhone if you choose the right apps, it’s more for convenience. Of course if you really want to do two things at once and the other thing is not music or mail, you’re stuck as even if the other app resume very quickly at the same point, it is not running in background.

If I didn’t need these, I think I could do without jailbreaking.


In summary:
- go to BlackRain Jailbreak home page
- backup your iphone by iTunes
- run BlackRain program

Geohot Blackrain

Already done

- install Cydia

Cydia on jailbroken phone

Can add sources

Even pirate ones, which really is morally borderline when most apps are below 2 or 3 euros

- restore iPhone backup from iTunes

Often has to "respring" to install software

Sad Mac booting ...

The dark side of jailbreaking: sad Mac booting and crashes - last time I saw these it was on my iPod 30 Go

Please note that iPhone 3GS made from week 40 year 2009 onwards have a boot rom which causes jailbreak problems. Basically, you can’t reboot the phone (or you can - but only with a computer with the jailbreak program nearby, and the USB cable).

Don’t have to say it’s a no - not because the iPhone OS can crash and reboot (programs can - but I witnessed only one complete crash of the iPhone OS so far in 3 weeks - it is rock solid), but that means you can’t turn off your phone - or that if your battery is out you’re out of luck (and that will definitively happen to you).

The week the iPhone 3GS is made are the 4th and 5th digit of the iPhone serial number (on the box).

Jailbreak and desimlocking

Jailbreak is NOT the same as desimlocking which allows you to use other operator SIM cards (or international ones abroad), I understand it involves another chip and dark magic stuff like baseband.

Last Geohot Snow can desimlock 3.1.2. firmware, and perhaps also new iPhone 3GS with boot loader protection, in my case the iPhone was officially desimlocked.

Understand that unofficial desimlock is twice as dangerous as jailbreak, because if jailbreak fails at most I lose all jailbreak applications and restore original firmware whereas if desimlock fails or the iPhone crashes one day, you won’t be able to phone with your phone anymore with your new operator, and perhaps not be able to activate your iPhone either because it needs original operator SIM card to activate.

In France, you must wait 6 months for official desimlock, best bet is to wait for it (or if you buy it second hand, to pay for official desimlock, the snag is it can be as high as 220 euros before 6 months period ...).

IPhone crash recovery

How to recover when the iPhone has crashed and you can’t even remove the battery which is built-in ?

You have to hold both Power and Home button for 15 seconds and it will reboot (which could allow a restore if you iPhone OS is completely messed up). Took some time to remember it, it was the same to reboot my old Ipod 30 Go.

I had to do it only twice in one month of heavy tests, even if the applications can and do crashes, the OS is rock solid and seems to be very aggressive in killing apps and reclaiming memory, so I’m not sure of any benefit of regular reboots for example.

Iphone 3G versus Nokia E90: software

Migrate Contacts, Calendar and Messages

The best way to migrate these is to synchronise with a PC then to synchronise back to the iPhone:
- On a PC you will use Outloook and PC Suite
- On a Mac your best bet is to use iSync and Nokia Plug-in

Migrate Photos, Videos, MP3, Ringtones

Your best bet is to copy them manually to your PC, and then back to iTunes for synchronisation to iPhone.

See below ringtones as some specific work is needed for them to be recognized by the iPhone.

Other data

I have not found a solution for SMS/MMS, but anyway, iPhone keeps only 200 last messages or so - you need a third party solution so why not PC Suite for those old Nokia messages and PhoneView (see below) for iPhone SMS/MMS archiving ?

means that it requires Iphone jailbreaking

means you have to pay for iPhone software - please note that it was often the case too for Nokia E90 software

means not available

Type Nokia E90 IPhone 3G Comments
Office Word Quick Office Premium 6.2 Dataviz Documents To Go (a)
Office Excel Quick Office Premium 6.2 Dataviz Documents To Go (a)
Office Powerpoint Quick Office Premium 6.2 No software available to edit Powerpoint files to date
Banking Jabp Lite iCompta Good replacement if slower (b)
Jotter Notes Notes iPhone Notes is quicker for long files thanks to kinetic scrolling, and sync with Snow Leopard Mail means edition is very easy
Datas SplashID StoreIT Better replacement (c)
Agenda Handy Calendar Calendar + My Week Just a bandaid (d)
Contacts Contacts Contacts + Address Book + Cyntact OK (e)
Email Messages Mail/Attachement Savers Apple Mail is better as it includes HTML viewing unlike E90 Messages - but no attachments savings (f)
Location Aware Nokia Maps / Google Maps Google Maps/AroundMe Around me is great and quick to have POI nearby. Google Maps interface is far better on iPhone
GPS Garmin Navigon Great software, but GPS hardware is not that good (g)
Phone Call Manager Best Black List iBlacklist Adequate replacement (h)
Underground Tube MetrO RATP Premium Very good, original MetrO is available too (i)
MP3 Player Internal Ipod internal Ipod is better of course with sync with iTunes library and store
Video Player Real Player Ipod internal Ipod miles better, almost all formats can be converted very easily to Ipod and managed by Itunes - not the case for Real Player very fussy player
Recorder Total Recall No solution on iPhone (j)
Stop Watch / Timer Best Timer internal iPhone internal software great
PDF Files PDF Plus Good Reader Better (k)
Web Browser/Internet Download Internal + Opera Mini Safari internal/Good Reader Miles better (l)
Wifi Spot JoikuSpot Premium MyWi Better (m)
ZX Spectrum Emulator Speccy Not available for iPhone
C64 Emulator Frodo + Bilbo Not available, Apps Store version didn’t allow custom roms and is removed at this date anyway
Gameboy Emulator vBoy Gameboy4iPhone Better software but no physical keys(n)
Gameboy Advance Emulator vBag gpSPhone Same as above (n)
Megadrive Emulator Picodrive Genesis4iPhone Same as above - Picodrive doesn’t have sound (n)
SNES Emulator Snes4iPhone Great emulator (n)
VNC ? Mocha VNC Lite Good VNC
Music ? Shazam Great app to identify a tune on TV or in a store

This additional table are for functions which are sort of standard for all other smartphones - except the iPhone.

Type Nokia E90 IPhone 3G Comments
PC Connection PC Suite iTunes + PhoneView A necessary evil for both softwares (o)
Backup PC Suite + Manual iTunes + Phone View + Manual Not easy for both softwares (o)
USB Drive / File Manager Internal or PC Suite Good Reader / iFiles Kludgy but works (p)
Today view N/A Notifier + Lock Calendar + Five Icon Docks Just a bandaid (q)
Keyboard N/A 5rows-QWERTY+iKeyEx Great (r)
Multitasking N/A Backgrounder and Kirikae Great (s)
Video N/A Cycorder Cannot record video on 3G without this app!
Battery N/A SBSettings Cannot do without it (t)
Ringtones N/A Jailbreak Working solution (u)
Themes N/A Winterboard Use customized themes (v)
Command Line N/A Terminal Secure it! (w)

(a) Office Word and Excel

First there are two contenders: QuickOffice (same as Nokia) or Dataviz Documents to Go (same as S80 software).

I chose very quickly the Dataviz solution, I didn’t like the Quickoffice interface with lots of menus and which don’t even show on landscape mode. Please note however that QuickOffice gives access to mail attachments and is easier for files sharing (don’t need a specific program).

The screen gives a good view of the document

Screen real estate is dramatically reduced though when it comes to inputting data - it’s even worse with Word as there is an additional palette

Basically it works pretty well and loads quickly the Word and Excel documents (quicker than QuickOffice on Nokia E90). Excel DTG doesn’t have freeze panes which could however be a problem.

Editing is OK when you get the hang of it, but with two important caveats:
- the first is because of the touch keyboard you don’t see much when you type, it’s a huge difference with Nokia E90 800x350 pixel screen always available. It’s not a problem for me because it’s more raw data or notes input than formatting, but it could be depending on your needs.
- the second is that it crashes often!

It crashes pretty often, even if not jailbroken and on simple documents - but you don’t lose anything (or a word or two at most), so it’s not a big deal

It is a very good program because even if it is interrupted (by a call, or by pushing home button) it will save current work and you will resume right where you were stopped both for Word and Excel. So you don’t need backgrounder and associated jailbreaking for this program.

All in one, it is a working solution for my needs, and with customized virtual keyboard - and the problems I had on the Nokia (see Keyboard above) - it’s almost as usable as on my Nokia E90.

Since latest update 2.1, it has not crashed once yet - it’s an even better program

(b) Banking

iCompta is a nice program, pretty complete

Already spent 3 000 euros to date this year on electronic stuff, that is not reasonable

It has lots of additional features compared to JabpLite: for example nice pie charts. And has a desktop Mac client which allows very easy synchronizing. It has also advanced features like account downloading from your bank site.

But it has the following drawbacks:
- you have to pay for it (4.99 €)
- it is pretty slow, mostly on loading (50 seconds for 8 000 transactions which is around 4 years of complete data) - the data file is 2.3 megs versus 250 ko for JabpLite, wonder why, and a little slow on editing - kind of JabpLite E90 before all the optimizations

Exporting JabpLite and importing on iCompta was easy.

Export to the only Jabp Lite format with 4 digits dates

And import to iCompta desktop client ASCII

Everything was OK even the french accents.

In short a good JabpLite replacement, only wish it was faster on loading / saving.

(c) Database

I use SplashID on Nokia E90, and now StoreIT on iPhone like the jotter program of my old Psion - just to take down notes with title and date.

StoreIT main list with a working searching field

StoreIT is only 1.59 € whereas SplashID on iPhone would have been very costly: 10 $ on Apps Store + 20 $ for specific desktop client - too greedy.

Note part is far better than on Nokia E90 SplashID which was only tiny and could only be read by editing

Data transfert was easy: export to CSV, only had to switch to US for both Nokia and Mac before to avoid problems with numbers and date format, then reformat under Excel to have the same date format for export.

StoreIT is far better, very cheap, quick, good search, good Note editing, and a rolling date selector on default date to boot

(d) Agenda

There is no week view on Apple Calendar. That was the case also on Nokia E90 but at least I had the option of buying Handy Calendar.

MyWeek brings the week view calendar

And even an annual view with every week

Unfortunately MyWeek needs jailbreak, cost 1.99 € and doesn’t allow to edit the entry (and don’t even jump to calendar when you click on them).

That said I want only the week view for a week view, so the essential functionality is there.

Note that you can purchase Soisuke on Apps Store for a good calendar apps, unfortunately you will lose connection with Apple Calendar (it will be synchronised with Google Calendar), and it costs 7.99 € too.

(e) Contacts

Another brain dead offering from Apple: you cannot define groups on the iPhone.

Fortunately you can create them under Address Book (MacOSX) or Outlook and it will sync OK

Cyntact for 0.79 € will add the picture on the contact list too.

In the end you can have what you need with additional software

(f) Mail

It’s exactly like Mail on MacOSX, great interface, seems very quick unlike Nokia E90 messages but don’t allow attachments saving, only viewing.

That doesn’t seem a great deal, but that means you cannot edit them with Docs To Go for example and then send back an edited version.

Save option in Mail

Attachement Saver gives that option, combined with iFile it means you can do just that, but both application require a jailbroken iPhone.

(g) Navigation

There are many navigation offerings for iPhone. I have a soft spot for Copilot as it is the cheapest, but Navigon is by far the best.

Navigator: very good voice navigation, but the iPhone without a holder is not stable when driving when you put it in a drawer like this

It is not as good as Tom tom or Garmin on Nokia E90 for the routing but it has a killer feature which is the speech for street names.

The real problem is that the iPhone GPS has more trouble with keeping GPS signal than the Nokia E90. Perhaps it was because it was low on battery, or perhaps more than the Nokia E90 it needs to be higher on the windscreen (I put my E90 in the same drawer and it worked fine).

I’ll tell you when I get my car kit - I could try with my external Sirf Star III bluetooth GPS too.

In short, I switched to Tomtom.

Navigon has a key feature which is far better than Tomtom: its GPS positioning whereas Tomtom is often late (around 20 - 30 meters), and completely lost in round about BUT compared to Tomtom:
- Navigon crashes often on my 3G (3 times in a 20 mn simple drive - and it doesn’t save anything when it crashes - even newly saved bookmarks are lost)
- Navigon interface is very slow and buggy, you wait 20 seconds between each keystroke for address input
- Navigon navigation is not optimal - and sometimes completely lost, and slow
- Navigon is frozen when it loses the GPS signal

In short, compared to the speed and reliability of Tomtom, Navigon is dangerous, almost had 10 accidents while trying to relaunch it or input the address.

So I prefer Tomtom which has none of the above drawbacks (never crashes, very quick, just B&W when loses GPS signal but continue computation), you understand how Tomtom works every time, and you can depend on it. Its GPS positioning is not very accurate but that only means you have to anticipate, which I can do - with the new text to speech functions it’s easier.

That’s a shame for Navigon, as its interface design, instructions, text to speech and GPS tracking are superior, perhaps with 1.4 it will be better - but now I’m afraid to use Navigon and crash my car while fiddling with the interface responsiveness ...

(h) Phone Call manager

iBlacklist interface

Another one which needs jailbreaking. I wanted to buy MCleaner as the interface was far simpler than iBlacklist, but iBlacklist has a feature MCleaner don’t have: the ability to import groups in blacklist or whitelist.

It seems to work but I have to test it more thoroughly.

It works, but if it stops the phone ringing, the phone sometimes vibrate a split second before stopping.

(i) Underground Tube

RATP Premium interface: click on a station and you’ll have Google Maps maps area

I have always used MetrO for a long time, but RATP Premium is better, as it gives very detailed information on the french transport system.

MetrO is still available though on iPhone, and I guess is still useful for all underground systems for other cities of the world.

(j) Recorder

Call recording is the only thing I really don’t have a solution for yet. It was possible on Nokia E90 and more generally Symbian devices with Ultimate Voice Recorder - if there is a solution one day it will certainly involve jailbreaking. If I paid 25 euros additional per month I could have iPhone visual voice mail and record my voicemail with PhoneView - but it still won’t record calls.

Please note that I don’t want to record for proof or other which is illegal and not receivable in court anyway, it’s just that I’m often on the move and it’s more practical than to take out paper and pen and take notes, questions or directions - it is more efficient too as the caller don’t have to repeat I can sort it out after if I missed something. I never listen to them again after a few days.

It’s the only thing for which I don’t have a solution on my iPhone compared to the Nokia E90

(k) PDF Files Viewing

What to say except Good Reader (or even Apple default PDF reader) is better than PDF Plus on Nokia E90, at least for Retro Gamer issues reading: it renders better, and quicker (perhaps thanks to the more powerful iPhone processor).

Viewing Retro Gamer issue 33, a 25 megs file

Apple default viewer is a little slower than Good Reader, but has the benefit of loading continuously additional pages.

But in the end, I prefer to use Good Reader, because it has a great fixed rotation mode (good for reading in bed), and that it is very consistent (you have to wait between pages, but at least it doesn’t overrun all the memory with your pdf file).

It is one of the few applications which could benefit from Apple 3GS more powerful processor if you have complex PDF files.

(l) Web browser

The page start zoomed out and unreadable, but most often you know the layout of the page - and it’s better to be in portrait to have an A4 type of view

Double tap to zoom to the area of interest - iPhone directly adjust to column width

It’s easier after to read it in landscape, just turn the device and iPhone adjust automatically

Against Nokia Webkit it is not a contest, all common websites work on iPhone with great ergonomics, whereas even simple javascript or SSL encryption defeated the Nokia E90 browser. I can at last post in forums, do internet banking and even edit my web pages here - not ergonomically easy but no compatibility problem.

Moreover, it couldn’t even connect to secured internet login type of Wifi like Neuf Wifi, and operations were really terrible, even basic one like back or zooming means rendering and downloading again (20 or 30 seconds between instant on iPhone), and always that stupid question about clearing cache each time you exit. What’s the use of flash or video flash if the basics are not even covered ?

Here I think is the real genius of Apple, you have to try it to understand it - how to make browsing the internet possible when the screen is very small - it’s not touch interface, it’s the ergonomics.

It is the primary reason I switched to iPhone.

Internet download

Safari cannot download any file except photos (directly in the photo library by touching the photo 1 or 2 seconds).

I have researched alternatives in the jailbreak world as Safari Download Manager (2 $) and Safari Download Plug-in. Sadly in addition to require a jailbreak, they don’t work very well when there is a MIME or extension problem (why couldn’t they just add an item to the press menu is beyond me).

The best download manager: Good Reader, again

The greatest downloader is Good Reader: it downloads most of the links with a clear interface in its own browser window. It works for example with Neuf Giga internet drives, or my webmail interface at 1and1, which defeated both jailbroken plug-ins.

Good Reader is in three categories!, it’s certainly a must buy for 1$.

(m) Wifi Spot

This one not only requires jailbreaking and paying, but also to install a new app manager.

Welcome to Rock your Phone Apps

Its interface and speed is better than Cydia

I must admit I didn’t like it at all at first, and considered going to PDA Net instead of MyWi. In the end I tried it and to be honest Rock interface is far quicker (more money for servers ?), more pretty, with better information (clear comments and review). Cydia should copy their interface.

Wifi spot complete options with WEP security and a real wifi spot instead of Adhoc infrastructure like JoikuSpot

MyWi unlock the iPhone tethering menus, without the operator ipcc files which are scary

Well MyWi is better than JoikuSpot, it gives a real Wifi Spot but also USB and bluetooth connection through iTunes standard 3.1.2. firmware option.

And connection was rock solid too - I think iPhone Wifi interface is stronger than Nokia E90.

(n) Emulators

Almost perfect emulators, sound is a little laggy but should be OK under 3GS, no compatibility problem

The snag is touchscreen is not great at all for action games

The emulators are more compatible and better than what is available for Nokia E90 or even Nintendo DS - all my old roms were OK.

However, sound has often a problem (perhaps with 3GS additional processing it will be OK), and mostly all those games are not suited to a touchpad.

That being said, on my Nokia E90 it was the same, for action games, the keyboard or keypad was not large enough for precision control, and I had to use my external iGo bluetooth keyboard which was perfect.

(o) PC connection / Backup


A good program to purchase is PhoneView especially if you iPhone has become desynchronized with your PC (I prefer to not purchase music or apps on the iPhone just in case).

iPhoneView default view

It gives you direct access on the left to: Contacts, Notes, Call Log, Messages, Web, Voicemail and your entire disk if your device is jailbroken.

It gives you also access to your media: music, videos, audiobooks, podcasts, ringtones, photos, voice memos.

With a jailbroken device and the disk option, you can read/copy/write directly the applications files in /var/mobile/Applications and more importantly the private pocket files of all applications (ie their data saves, their local files) - the only snag being the horrible hexadecimal names given by iPhone so you have to find where which application is.

You can also access other folders for emulators ROMs or manual installation or configuration for example - it’s really exactly like Mac OSX.

Note: it’s better to disable launch with iPhone connection as it can interfere with iTunes backup

It reads MMS alright

It saves automatically Call Log, SMS and MMS messages and Voicemail even if you have deleted them on the iPhone

Whereas your iPhone deletes them after 200 messages. You can browse them without the iPhone, and still delete the items by pressing del button or using the File/Edit option.

PhoneView is a great program, and I don’t know but I’m more confortable with my data on my iPhone being accessible by USB cable, rather than by Wifi Appletalk drive (Netatalk) or by SSH. It’s only available for Mac unfortunately

Backup is sort of complicated with the iPhone, not that different process from Nokia PC Suite - the main difference being you had directly access to Nokia files.

Backup - non-jailbroken iPhone

This is straightforward, just plug your iPhone to your computer, it is automatically backed up each time by iTunes.

The backup is also complete too - even the files of your software (like QuickOffice), or saved games - everything will be backed up and restored perfectly - after a jailbreak for example.

The snag is if you lose your iPhone, the only access to your data would be to restore to another iPhone. Of course this will not be problematic for all contents which is synced (video, music, calendar, mail, notes, bookmarks) but only additional data which are often your main data anyway.

Moreover, if you want to move that data back to a Nokia or another mobile you have to keep it in a readable format.

Backup - non-jailbroken iPhone - additional data

As you don’t have a standard access to files on your iPhone (no access in fact) it depends from installed iTunes software. For example for my setup it would be:
- iCompta backup with the Wifi Webserver in a file, or by sync with iCompta desktop
- Good Reader backup with the Wifi Webserver
- Dataviz Documents To Go Backup with their Documents To Go application and making sure all your documents are in a synced folder and not on local iPhone
- StoreIT backup with the Wifi StoreIT Webserver
- MMS/SMS/Voicemail with PhoneView program

Please note that Phoneview data is in the User/Library/Application Support/Phoneview (in case you want to backup the backup program)

Backup - jailbroken iPhone

There are two things there. First are data most of the time data is in var/mobile/Media which you can access with PhoneView for example:
- Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, SNES, Megadrive roms and saves are in ROMs folder
- Cycoder videos are in Video folder
- Ringtones which are more than 40 seconds long in /private/var/stash/Ringtones

Second are apps and library. Here you are out of luck I think, because most of the time you have installed them or purchased them with Rock or Cydia front end, including updates and identification (Cydia works with Facebook or Google, Rock with email). If when you restore your phone, these don’t exist anymore, or the packages, you’re out of luck.

A better way would be to install packages by hand with terminal and dpkg command, and keep the .deb files, it’s really a pain thought, I think it’s worth it only for the package you think you won’t be able to do without.

(p) USB Drive / File manager

Drive interface under Good Reader

Basically you don’t have access to files on your iPhone, one way will be to use the Wifi web interface of a program like Good Reader.

For a free alternative, you can use iFiles Lite which is however limited to 200 megs.

iFile give you access to all your disk - see the hexa names above ?

To access all the files you can use iFile which is a shareware apps and needs a jailbroken iPhone (it’s not the same as iFiles from Apps Store).

It does hexa names translation unlike PhoneView which helps a lot going around your applications folders. It has also integrated 7zip decompresssion.

And it allows bookmarks too, it’s safer than browsing around your full iPhone Disk as any file delete or moved could brick your phone.

Local Docs to Go folder

You can now go to the private file pocket from Docs To Go and copy some files there for editing with that application. Please note that short of jailbreaking the Docs To Go app and rewriting it it will be the only way because Applications have only access to their private place, even Mail or Safari.

With iFile, Good Reader, and Attachements Saver you can at last do the following:
- Download an attachement with Attachements Saver, move it in Docs To Go with iFile, edit it and then send it back !
- Download a file from internet with Good Reader (for example a word template), move it in Docs To Go, and then use it for a new document

Do everything you can do with a productivity app on your computer (or with the Nokia E90 - it’s strange that when it’s taken for granted you don’t see it missing).

iFile is a must have application if you want to do away with your computer - which was always my dream with my different Psion and Nokias

(q) Today View

Almost no customisation on the iPhone, that’s a huge step back compared to almost any other phone.

Jailbreak and install Notifier and Lock Calendar at least.

Notice the two icons notifier above with missed calls and SMS, and lock calendar entries in front. iPhone displays missed calls and SMS too on window below (you see only the edge here)

Five icons dock: it depends on the size of your fingers but five is still confortable for me

Intelliscreen should have covered everything but crashed my iPhone.

(r) Keyboard

So what’s the default keyboard of the iPhone ?

Original: keyboard, fine enough for the first page

I have the numbers but not + =

Here they are but no numbers - and why the third line the same as the previous

It has no logic, the first page is fine if you have 4 rows but after you have a page with numbers but not all arithmetic functions (for example for Excel), and other signs but not all punctuation signs (for example for writing word documents).

And moreover you have direct access to french accents, that means losing 2 to 3 seconds on a character to make it appear each time you want to type one (and it happens A LOT when you write French).

So just get 5rows-QWERTY which will also install iKeyEX 3 - please note that only the BETA version worked on my 3.1.2. firmware (on repo.beyouriphone.com I think).

Customization is possible for 5rows-QWERTY

I propose to do the following customization for French Keyboards:

5 rows keyboard with numbers on the top

Unshifted - I added common french accents and ponctuation chars

My keypad, it has all the arithmetic signs for Excel and the most useful ponctuation chars

Last useful chars, it has the arrows and special characters like page up / page down, a pity they don’t work under Dataviz Documents To Go Word

But arrows work on Messaging, Notes, and Excel (left right when editing only).

(s) Multitasking

Just hold 2 seconds and the application is backgrounded with a clear notice

A little icon can be displayed to remind you of backgrounded applications (change in settings

(t) Battery

In addition to battery % SBSettings allows many other switchs

You can switch on and off easily all the main source of power consumption: 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, SSH, and can even kill processes (yay!) and free memory.

(u) Ringtones

Custom Ringtones

I like my Nokia ringtones (which comes from my 9210 or 9300 - don’t exactly remember) and I have some specific alarms I’d like to keep too.

Unfortunately the iPhone seems to be locked here with no easy way to add custom ringtones as it use the M4r format.

My default ringtone on my Nokia is tinkle.aac, not very original but it has the advantage to be strong enough to be heard even if you are in the tube.

To convert it I had to use VLC which was the only program which seems to be able to read it (it is in mp4a format), then use "Assistant de diffusion/transcodage" (why couldn’t they call it simply as Save As / Broadcasting ?), and then choose Uncompressed integer and the Microsoft WAV format.

Then reopen the new file in iTunes, right click on the file to convert it to AAC, find the new .m4a file, change extension to .m4r, double click on it and you’re done.

40 seconds or longer Ringtones

For my alarm I use the Missing Perspective music from Playstation Parasite Eve which is strong enough to wake me up in the morning. The catch is that the song is 3 minutes long, longer than the 40 seconds maximum ringtone time allowed by Apple.

The only choice you have here is jailbreak your phone, and then add the ringtone to the directory /private/var/stash/Ringtones and it will be added to the regular iPhone ringtones list.

(v) Themes

(w) Command Line

One thing is very important on Command Line - you must change your root password. Just enter the following:

Added mobile user password change

sudo root
[enter new password]
[repeat new password]
sudo mobile
[enter new password]
[repeat new password]

Or your iPhone is open to any hacker when you join a Wifi network.

How much did it cost ?

One warning first: if you buy you can’t have a refund on iTunes Apps Store, but it is not that bad:
- first most of the time you have free Lite version, so you can try them before you buy
- second there are lots of comments and a rating system from the buyers. It is not rare to have one hundred or more. So you can see the overall rating, and if you are thorough, read all comments to see if there are no cons which are more important to you than others even if the app has a very good rating
- third most of them are cheap, 1, 2 or 3 euros for the great majority of them

Type Application Price in €
Office Dataviz Documents to Go 7.99 €
Banking iCompta 4.99 €
Database StoreIT 1.59 €
Underground Tube RATP Premium 0.79 €
PDF Files / USB Drive Good Reader 0.79 €
PC Connection / Backup PhoneView 13.91 €
File browser iFile 1.55 €
Mail Attachment Saver AttachmentSaver 1.55 €
Agenda MyWeek 1.99 €
Contacts Cyntact 0.86 €
Phone Call Manager iBlacklist 8.24 €
Wifi Spot MyWi 6.97 €
Gameboy Advance Emulator gpSPhone 3.59 €
Total 54.81 €

I didn’t add Navigon Europe at 79.99 € as it would have tipped the scales unfairly 8-)

Other good purchases were the following:

Application Price in € Comments
Lux Touch Lite 0.00 € Risk clone - LITE version is fine
Solitaire! 0.00 € Freecell game - free
UGC Resa Lite 0.00 € Great to find local films on UGC Cinemas
Ebay Mobile 0.00 € I prefer it to their messy website which has always been inferior iBazar french site which they purchased
Fields Runner 2.39 € Tower Defense game
Space Invaders Infinity Gene 3.99 € Great game, great control, a work of art
Photogene 0.79 € iPhoto image manipulation program
ColorSplash 1.59 € Another one specifically for color
iNeufWifi 0.79 € Quick login to french Neuf Wifi networks
Rise of Lost Empires 1.59 € Good Warcraft RTS clone
GeoDefense 1.59 € Tower Defense game
Alive4ever 2.39 € Shoot game
Zenonia 2.39 € RPG game
Civilization Revolution 5.49 € Great game, crashes however and only available on US store for now Available at last on European store
Cerebral Challenge 3.99 € Great NDS Big Brain Academy clone
Blades of Fury 0.79 € Great Soulcalibur clone
Shrek Karting 0.79 € Good Mario Kart clone, adequate controls
Need for Speed Underground 2.39 € Excellent controls, same as PS3/XBOX version
Total 30.96 €

I spent at least and additional 10 - 20 euros more on apps I shouldn’t have spent on - not bad apps but which I don’t really use.

But I don’t blame App Store for these buys, it’s because of me because:
- the low prices means you’re open to impulse buying
- good ratings from other people don’t mean you personally will like the game / apps
- as an old timer, you’re open to old stuff (like Archon, Monkey Island, Pinball Dreams) - but if technically these are very good, the control system of the iPhone means it’s in the end not satisfying (so it’s better to buy specific iPhone games - only exception so far is Civilization Revolution in my case - always loved it and like the iPhone version very much)

Civilization Revolution: Catherine

Since european version 1.5, the game crashes less often and even if it crashes or there is a call you never lose your current game - it’s even better. It’s one of the game which could benefit from 3GS however as at Divinity level in the latter stage it can be slow (still faster than NDS version).

Picture - more contrast with Photogen which added the comic blob, then only bear colored with ColorSplash - ready to be sent by MMS or email

And you can see that except for Alive4ever which has a great interface and Space Invaders Infinity Gene which is more a work of art, all the other games are slow or low precision games - traditional action console games are not enjoyable on the iPhone due to the low precision and feedback of the touchscreen.


As you know in the end, I completely migrated to Apple iPhone 3G now.

Of course it’s not as good as Nokia E90 for a lot of things, but the point is it is bearable - with jailbreaking - for uses like light office, banking, database, navigation, gaming, customization while being far better for internet, mail, music, videos, photos and synchronisation. The only missing feature for me being call recording.

So yes it’s possible to move from Nokia, even keyboard based Nokia to Apple iPhone and meet most of your basic needs.

And yes I like my Apple iPhone, even if it’s not the last model, and even if it isn’t the computer in the palm of my hand I always dreamed to have with my Siena, 3mx, Series 5, Revo, 9210, 9300 and E90.

With the combination of iFile, Good Reader and AttachmentSavers, and document editing programs like DocsToGo you can download and edit files exactly like on a desktop.

The jailbroken iPhone 3G with the right software can do all phone functions, iPod and media, internet and mail and also productivity stuff (office, banking or image editing). Note that I said can do, not that it’s confortable to do all these things.

So what’s left ?

The only thing really missing would be bittorrent and eMule - and that type of media playing, but it would be crazy to do it on a Phone connection and kill your battery, storage space and up to 159 000 euros phone bill. Perhaps on private Wifi plus mains power - but it can’t be a serious alternative to a laptop or desktop computer then.

On my case, I can now turn off my computer, all my productivity was already on my Nokia for ages, but now internet and mail can too so no reason to have my computer running all the time anymore.

What about Nokia N900 versus iPhone ?

It’s tricky as N900 isn’t widely available yet, and obviously the software needs a lot of ironing (MMS, Java MIDP, portrait mode).

But as of now:

- the hardware of the N900 is obviously far better, more than twice resolution, great camera, better GPS, integrated keyboard, can be stylus driven (greater precision without blocking the screen)
- but the iPhone will be very hard to beat on the software, not necessarily because it is better, but because the additional N900 features won’t be enough to tip the scales (or even be irrelevant for lots of users compared to other key "Apple" features).
- For example, I really don’t see how N900 browsing experience could be significantly better than iPhone despite far better resolution (that was the case too on E90, screen was 800x352 versus 320x480 on iPhone, but browsing on E90 was hell, whereas it’s heaven on iPhone because of interface and responsiveness - not hardware)
- I don’t see how it can break the iTunes Music / Video / Mail / Calendar / Bookmarks / Apps integration either.
- And the low price of software, I know lots of software is free on Maemo, as it was the case on Symbian, but the thing it is not uncommon to pay 15-20 euros for a single software on Symbian, or 40 to 50 euros for an Office package when it’s 8 euros on iPhone. Lots of the software on iPhone looks gorgeous, and I’m sure it’s because of the Apple developer libraries and API behind, not because all iPhone developers are genius.
- And it’s still don’t have basics like MMS (I know the iPhone didn’t have it for a long time and I would have NEVER considered or purchased an iPhone without MMS)
- I really don’t know what to think of Maemo, I think Symbian S60 is a great OS (or could be a great one with some changes), I never wanted to go back to S80 like others. It’s not because it’s Unix (iPhone OS is also completely BSD Unix), it’s because it’s a clunky port of a linux system without sufficient work from Nokia for integration and phone interface (somehow they didn’t go all the way unlike Apple, or Google, keep lots of open standards or library, but not suited to a phone). Either Nokia streamline its offering to be able to offer software for lots of their terminals (and not need thousands of version between Maemo, S60 3rd, S60 5th, MIDP, N-Gage), or they’ll die because the same app will cost 10 euros instead of 1 euro at the competitor or not even exist because of a fragmented market (which is really stupid as Nokia sells 1 billion of phones).
- Whereas S60 is good even versus Apple - raw performance is better, phone customization and telephony is far better, there is real IP unique to Nokia unlike Unix and it has at least a significant user base - it’s Nokia failure if Ovi Store wasn’t up to much so far

So no N900 for now, perhaps in one year time when it will have ironed out.

Useful Links

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My Nokia E90 review Includes software migration from 9300 to E90

Note: lots of links are in french sorry, nowadays google is more and more localized and the information needed is already available in french so I didn’t have to search farther ...

General iPhone information and Hardware

Infoworld 21 apps Apple don’t want on your iPhone Great list of jailbreak applications - from a serious publication (or so it seems)

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InvisibleShield for iPhone 3G In French

Invisible Shield at Access2B Only 14,90 euros !

Macally Powerlink 3 in one battery, USB synchro cable, 2 Go flash drive combo at 49 euros

Morphie Air Juice Pack Battery for 79 euros


BlackRain Jailbreak home page

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French Page on Lock Calendar

Unicode Charset To customize your iKeyEx keyboard

iKeyEx thread on xSellize

Create a layout for iKeyEx But won’t work for special characters like arrows which need additional code

Softpedia article on 5-RowQWERTY

Article on ringtones In french

Page on activating tethering without ipcc and without purchasing MyWi In French

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GBA bios For gpSPhone emulator

Other software

List of emulators on iPhone In French

Page on intelliscreen Great today lock screen, but crashes on my iPhone

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Netatalk To access your iPhone as Apple AFP drive (too many libraries installed for me)

Skype on 3G In French, Skype normally works for VOIP but only on Wifi

PC World QuickOffice Files Review It’s a wifi USB disk type of program

Appsync installation In French - useful if the application is not available in your local store

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