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Fuji Real 3D W3 Camera Test

Sunday 3 April 2011, by Phi, 1125 Views

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I am currently happy with my Fuji F70 EXR, even with its many shortcomings. The new Fuji F550 EXR looked interesting with long zoom range and GPS, but ISO quality doesn’t seem to improve. For the same price range I could buy the Fuji Real 3D W3 Camera which included 3D, surely it is more innovative than the F550 EXR ?



Battery Life

Battery Fuji Real 3D W3 Fuji F70EXR Fuji F200EXR Fuji F30
2 bars 84 197 176 280
1 bar 114 260 182 520
Empty 124 273 213 572

is pretty bad. At most it gives around 120 photos and this is without reviewing the pictures on the 3D screen and with LCD brightness down one notch.

That’s around half the number from my previous Fuji: F70EXR and F200EXR which is completely logical as it’s the same battery Fuji NP-50, rated 940 mAh only, as the Fuji Real 3D W3 is basically two cameras in one.

In most situations you need at least another battery, and this is without reviewing the pictures on the Fuji Real 3D screen, I emptied a full battery only by reviewing the pictures on the screen without taking any photos ! (around 1 to 2 hours of reviewing).

The Fuji Real 3D W1 had a far better battery with at least double capacity, that’s one of the reasons where the W1 is better than the W3.

To show around pictures without having a battery problem it’s better to buy the new Nintendo 3DS ...

Side by Side Fuji W3 vs F70 EXR

JPEG - 4.5 Mb
JPEG - 3.6 Mb

Hall: Above Fuji W3 (ISO 800, flash, 1/60 s), below F70 (ISO 800, flash, 1/60 s)

Note: all outdoors pictures are taken with cloudy balance and standard film on both cameras

JPEG - 4.4 Mb
JPEG - 3.5 Mb

Building: Above Fuji W3 (ISO 100, 1/210 s), below F70 (ISO 100, 1/280 s)

JPEG - 4.2 Mb
JPEG - 3.5 Mb

Place: Above Fuji W3 (ISO 100, 1/240 s), below F70 (ISO 100, 1/350 s)

JPEG - 2.7 Mb
JPEG - 2.2 Mb

Wall: Above Fuji W3 (ISO 100, 1/125 s), below F70 (ISO 100, 1/400 s)

JPEG - 4.6 Mb
JPEG - 3.6 Mb

Restaurant: Above Fuji W3 (ISO 100, 1/20 s), below F70 (ISO 100, 1/20 s)

My opinion on the better pictures:
- the pictures on both cameras are below average, the weather was rainy and it didn’t help
- the F70 EXR seems to have an edge however as it can always shoot faster due to its lower aperture at F3.2 versus F3.7 for Fuji Real 3D W3 - quality when zoomed is better too (1/2 inches versus 1/2.3 inches CCD)
- Of course the F70 EXR has the benefit of wide-angle (27 mm versus 35 mm) and long zoom (270 mm versus 105 mm)
- the pictures of both cameras look similar: I think it overexposes by 1/3 to 2/3 stops

When choosing between the Fuji Real 3D W3 and the F70 EXR, the "quality" is not a problem when there is enough light.

Without enough light, the Real 3D W3 will show its limits versus lower aperture, larger CCD, image stabilisation of the F70 EXR which will allow the latter to use lower ISO and have a cleaner image.

Film Mode

JPEG - 3 Mb

Fuji W3 standard film mode

JPEG - 3.1 Mb

Fuji W3 chrome film mode

JPEG - 2.3 Mb

F70 EXR standard film mode

JPEG - 2.6 Mb

F70 EXR astia film mode

JPEG - 2.7 Mb

F70 EXR velvia film mode

On the Fuji Real 3D W3, the standard color mode is fixed and fine (same as astia film mode on F70 EXR). The chrome mode which is similar to the velvia mode of the F70 EXR is a bit too much.


As regular camera

As 3D camera

Yes the 3D is a gimmick, quality is bad, and you cannot look at the 3D pictures for very long before your eyes are strained. But if you are shooting people - children moving around - I think it is a must. I cannot explain it but it is as if the person is really near you even with the bad picture quality. You won’t ever be able to have theses type of pictures if you don’t take them now (your children will grow up) - so buy the Fuji Real 3D W3 if you can see the 3D effect.


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